Available Puppies

Please complete our application form to be considered for our waitlist. Puppies are sold as pets only. If you are looking for a breeding animal, please contact Deb directly.

All current parents are approx. 50 lbs. or smaller!  Puppies are likely to grow to be 40-60lbs depending which  puppy and which litter.  F1 Doodles are 1/2 Poodle and 1/2 Retriever.  F1B Doodles are 1/4 Retriever and 3/4 Poodle. 

Standard Poodles once adult will not shed at all and are the most hypoallergenic dogs And they  are also ranked top three  for intelligence so they learn fast and remember well.  F1B Doodles are 3/4 Poodle and are not likely to shed much (if at all), especially if you select one with a curly coat.  F1 Doodles will still shed far less than purebred Retrievers and if you select a curly pup there may be no shedding at all once adult. 

You can have the best of both worlds with these dogs – one who loves people, dogs and cats, will fetch, swim and behave almost exactly like a lovable big Retriever, but in a smaller, low- or non-shed package that with the highly-trainable intelligence of a Poodle. Camp Good Dog puppies are the perfect addition to any family!

**Expected 2021**

F1 and F1B Golden Doodles, F1B Labradoodles, Standard Poodles and an F1 litter of 1/2 Golden Doodle + 1/2 Labradoodle puppies.

Golden Doodles

*Coming Soon* – Expecting F1B Litter Spring 2021


*Coming Soon* – Expecting F1B Litter Spring 2021

Standard Poodles

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